7 Points to Consider When Hiring a Predominate Female Speaker

Are you searching for a motivational female speaker for an event? There are many choices out there so how do you make a great decision? After all the choosing the right keynote speaker really sets the tone for the event. If you are googling, “Predominate female speaker” or “Predominate Women Speakers” you obviously want to go that route. Great idea! Women speakers bring a fresh perspective to the stage and can be quite motivational. True professionals have the experience and expertise to handle any type of crowd. The challenge is there are not nearly as many women motivational speakers as men. That is where the following guidelines can come in handy when choosing.
Here’s a look at 7 points to keep in mind during your search for when hiring a powerful woman speaker for your event:

1.Achievements and Accomplishments

What has the speaker accomplished during her lifetime? Can you verify that through their social media and website? A predominate female speaker will have a solid and often unusually successful track record in her area of expertise. Is she a fit for the crowd? At any event, be it a seminar or a corporate dinner, getting someone with a long list of achievements to be the keynote speaker can make the evening interesting. The audience will find the speaker credible and will be more willing to listen attentively. In any case, find an authority figure, a leader who can communicate effectively. It never hurts to discuss the theme with the motivational speaker for ideas and suggestions on how it can be incorporated into her talk. A powerful speaker knows to ask this anyway so it can be a “tell.” Is it all about them or are they truly interested in helping you created an amazing outcome? This is especially important when it comes to corporate events where your employees are the audience.
The keynote speaker you select should have achieved something distinctive, something that makes her stand out in the crowd. After all, professional speakers have similar skill sets and can get the job done, but hiring someone who is a powerful figure and exudes authority can take your event to the next level. If you opt for a speaker with a run of the mill track record, the results will not be the same as if you hire a rock star! If you searched “Predominate Women Speakers” or “Powerful Female Speakers” to get names note there is a reason they are at the top of Google. They know their stuff and can deliver the goods! Remember, seek a female speaker who has an unusual track record and a list of achievements to have a memorable event that has people talking days after it is over.


Your choice of speaker will also be influenced by the type of event that you are planning. For instance, predominate female speakers that speak at educational institutions may not be the correct fit for a charity event. When researching a list of female keynote speakers, make sure you choose one who has spoken at similar events in the past. And ask the short listed speaker for references to past clients if desired. Often times, video exists on their website of the speaker in action so remember to check that out! This way, you will have a reliable firsthand review of their performance and that can go a long way towards determining your choice. Ask each speaker what they consider their strengths? Hearing things like, “Audiences find me relatable and authentic” is great because it means the speaker is making a personal connection to the audience. Since you searched, “Predominate Female Speaker” or something similar, why not ask, “What are you predominately known for?” Do they specialize in speaking about business or spirituality? Big difference! And here is a great question to ask in any setting when trying to dig deeper to make an informed decision, “Tell me more.” This will certainly help you pick the right speaker according to the nature of your event.

3.Influence and Authority

Predominate female keynote speakers should have influence, don’t you agree? How do you gauge that in regards to the hiring process? It has never been simpler! Go to Klout.com and check their score. What is this site? It ranks everyone on their influence in social media. For reference, the average score is 40. Anything higher than 50 indicates that person is well known in the social media world. If the score is 63 or higher that is the top 5% of all users. It is a strong indicator of the following the motivational speaker has generated over the years. Consider it another tool in your hiring toolbox in making a sound decision.
Find a speaker whose areas of expertise and influence are in alignment with the theme of your event or corporate culture to ensure its success.


Price shouldn’t be the make or break factor when it comes to hiring powerful female speakers for an event. What value can they bring to the event should be? A professional, powerful female speaker puts in hundreds of hours preparing for the one hour you see her on stage. If you view the transaction from that perspective then pricing should not be the primary focus. Will the speaker’s name lend credibility to the event and help sell more tickets? Sure if she’s on TV! But if she is not? Does the motivational speaker elicit interest from the audience to drive attendance that way? Will she actively participate in marketing your event (remember to check her influence score)? All of these things help in making a sound decision. If you want to find a powerful female speaker, expect her to know her worth and be prepared to pay top dollar. Consider it an investment, because when you hire the right speaker, you are guaranteeing the success of your event. You can always get a bargain speaker but ask yourself, if you consider your audience to be the best don’t you want the speaker to be in the same league or better? If you pay in peanuts you get Monkey’s! Honor the speaker’s fee and get an event you can truly be proud of. Any female speaker worth her salt will work just as hard to ensure her value in your eyes. Referrals are important to motivational speakers!

That being said, if money is an issue try getting creative with the preferred speaker. Consider getting another company involved to help sponsor the event if appropriate. Can you offer to buy the speaker’s books as giveaways to the audience as part of the compensation package? Are you professionally videoing and photographing the event? Offer this to the speaker as an incentive. Do they live in your city thus saving airfare? If not, do they live in a major hub like Atlanta, Georgia which is the home to the world’s largest airport making pricing likely cheaper from their town to you? Would the speaker include travel fees in their speaking fee since you are on a tight budget? There is always a way to get the event you truly desire. There is not a lack of resources in the world only a lack of resourcefulness.

The credibility, success, and fun of your event depends to a large extent, on your choice of motivational and keynote speaker. Thus, conducting due diligence will help with pre-event jitters that a truly powerful female speaker-the right woman for the job-was chosen. Whew! What a relief.

So, as you can see, there are a number of factors that you can consider when browsing through a list of predominate female speakers to pick the right one. At the end of the day, it comes down to your preference in terms of price, topic, location, and any other factor you consider relevant. However, considering the 5 points mentioned above will go a long way towards helping you make the right decision regarding the choice of speaker for your next event.

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